What is your Vision as a label?

The traditional spelling of LUKKA, Luca, means Bringer of the Light. And that is exactly what I envision when I think of the line. I wanted to create something that YOU WEAR, not garments that WEAR YOU. I want the customers to be able to put their own light into every piece of Lukka clothing that they own. Whether your hitting the dance floor or the beach – just letting your own light guide your style.

Would you consider yourself a conscious label? And why?

Since the thought of LUKKA came into my brain, I’ve always said one thing — sustainable and ethical practices. Working in the fashion industry, you see a lot of waste. I did not want to be another contribution to that waste.

We work closely with our production ladies to ensure they are following our guidelines to conscious fashion; no plastic bags, no excess fabric waste. And we work with them to give them a living wage based on how long each garment will take.

How are your garments working towards sustainability?

Every LUKKA piece is made from what we call, rescued textiles.Meaning we create our garments using only textiles that major fashion houses have discarded, due to excess ordering during production – by doing this were not creating MORE textiles and were saving perfectly beautiful fabrics from ending up in landfills.

During production of our garments we work closely with our team to ensure we are not wasting fabric while they are cutting each garment. We pay extra to have each button and spaghetti string made by hand so we aren’t cutting extra due to minimums.

If we do have excess fabric pieces due to cutting, we create LUKKA drawstring bags to ship our garments in.

How are the production of your garments ethical?

We produce our garments in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. All of our production team we know personally and oversee everything from the first stitch to the last button. I understand how much hard work goes into creating a garment. Most people will never have the opportunity to see first hand, and I am so grateful I do.

We sit down and work with each part of the production team and ask:

1. How long will this garment take? How many people?
2. What skill level is required?
3. What is your price?

From this we work with our team to give them a solid wage. We believe that everyone should get paid for their time and skills. That’s the way the world works best. Acknowledge and be grateful for your employees.

We hope to one day have our own factory where we can provide benefits, better work environments for all LUKKA production team members and their families.

What is your vision for the future fashion industry?

A lot of companies are taking a stance to more ethical and sustainable fashion practices. Even larger companies like Levis and Gucci, which is incredible to see. I hope that fast fashion becomes a thing of the past and consumers will focus on well made, life pieces that don’t end up in landfills after 2 wears. I see deals online or at Forever21 for a summer dress or jumpsuits for $10 and it makes my heart hurt to think about the people in Bangladesh slave laboring over these items. My vision is that people see past price tags and understand how these garments are able to be sold for $10. And shift their energy and purchasing to more ethical, conscious brands.

What inspires you?

Living in Southern California is good for my soul. The beach life and laid back lifestyle inspires me daily. My community of Venice Beach is filled with some of the most interesting and intelligent women. Most of whom are self employed, entrepreneurs. It is really an incredible energy always buzzing around with people accomplishing their dreams. I am always in awe of my community and friends.

I love going and digging for fabrics in surplus warehouses, feeling the textiles and seeing all the color ways. I have found that my style is very muted earth tones and I think that comes from my love of Spanish, Mexican and Mediterranean terrain and architecture.

Lukka the Label

you are the light