What is your Vision as a label? 

To push the envelope of Bohemian style. Being a Bohemian is all about being an artist, not just dressing in a trend.

Would you consider yourself a conscious label? And why?

YASS! we are not perfect but are always striving to make small and big changes with the way we do business to help our mother earth. We all have a ways to go in the fashion industry as a whole but NR is committed to keeping and implementing better practices!

How are your garments working towards sustainability?

We produce everything here in Southern Ca, so our footprint is def smaller than sourcing over seas! When we can we use deadstock fabric and when we have extra fabric from production we re purpose it into new styles, pillows, blankets and shopping bags for our little shop in San Clemente CA!

How are the production of your garments ethical?

Well since our factories are all local we get to see the working conditions our cutters and sewers work in. Its super important to NR to be able to create jobs and know that the people working on our garments are paid well and like their job! 

What is your vision for the future fashion industry?

To have stricter manufacturing laws. RN the fashion industry is the #1 polluter. It’s embarrassing to be a part of that.I’m proud to have NR strive to be a part of the change in how our garments are manufactured. Again, were not perfect as most the practices in the industry are old school but as new more ethical practices of manufacturing are made available we’re on board! 

What inspires you?

VINTAGE! and being a woman! I love being a woman and having the freedom to express femininity, sexuality and prowess within personal style…

xx Mary