What is your Vision as a label?

It is important to us to stand by our core beliefs and ethos as a brand, which is to create eco conscious and sustainable fashion for the Modern Woman. We want to inspire women to choose sustainable and slow fashion over fast fashion by creating timeless pieces that are on trend and won’t age so quickly. We want to inspire women to stand in their power and also feel powerful by wearing pieces that are designed to bring life to clothing that is not just for profit, but is equally focused on the impact we can make to redefine the values of fashion through sustainable manufacturing. We are also working hard to bring the Wylde Woman project to the front, where by with each sale of our Wylde Woman range we will be supporting women and children around the world. It is so important to us to be able to give back and empower women and help them through any struggles they may be encountering. There is a wild woman inside all of us and we want to honor and nurture that.

Would you consider yourself a conscious label? And why?

Yes we definitely consider and pride ourselves on being a conscious label. We use raw, untreated cotton as well as 100% organic raw cotton in our designs and are constantly looking for the best textiles available to ensure that our garments do not hurt the earth as well as the wearer. Synthetic fabrics not only play a huge role in the pollution of The Earth but also on the wearer. These synthetic fabrics can be highly toxic to the skin and it is important that we pay attention to this. We do not use plastic in any of our packaging or production and all customers receive their garments in a reusable cotton tote bag, as well as all of our swing tags and print media being recyclable. We are also very proud to have never used any toxic and synthetic dyes in our garments, and only work with 100% organic plant dyes for all of our coloured pieces. All run off water from the dying process goes back into the plants so there is no harm on the earth or the wearer. We know that there can be challenges with sustainable fashion also but we are constantly working to better the quality of the materials we use in all elements of The Wylde to ensure maximum sustainability

How are your garments working towards sustainability?

(I think I’ve kinda answered this above?)

How are the production of your garments ethical?

We work one on one with our factory, ensuring that all our staff are paid fairly and also working normal hours between 9 and 5. As all of our pieces are being made in Bali, Indonesia it is incredible important to us that our staff are able to take time off for all religious holidays and weekends as well as taking a required 1 hour break at lunch time to rest and clear their heads before starting work again.

With only a small factory staff of under 10, the production process is lovingly taken care of by each worker, ensuring the best quality for each piece but also that our staff are not overworked with fast fashion numbers. By creating pieces that work towards a trans-seasonal approach rather than sticking to seasonal timelines, this ensures that we stick to our ethos by not overproducing.

The fashion industry it the second largest polluter in the world, and the environmental impacts caused by the pollutant in the production process as well as the amount of discarded clothes and excess textiles ending up in landfill is incredibly devastating.

What is your vision for the future fashion industry?

It would be amazing to see more companies giving back with their pieces as well as seeking out the most eco friendly textiles and materials available. There are so many ways that we can create garments without harming the earth or the wearer and I think that by allowing others to see that it can be done, it will inspire them to make more conscious choices too in their brand structure and ethos. I would love to see less fast fashion labels and more companies working on creating designs that won’t date after a few weeks or months so that the wearer can get maximum use out of the fashion they are purchasing and getting a full and beautiful life out of their clothing

What inspires you?

People. I am constantly inspired by people, striving to make a difference in the world and also living everyday to their best

Mother Nature. Her incredible power and strength and yet her soft and open heart, there is so much to learn from her in how we can continue to live here and be at one with her and also give back to her

Women. For their immeasurable strength, grace and poise. There is no greater beauty than the inspirational women who we look up to and are inspired by daily.